Door Decisions

We understand how important keeping the cost down is to your garage door repair or project.  We also believe that it is important to give you some choices and to help you be well informed about the different types of garage door hardware options available.  After all, you will have to live with that garage door for a long time!  Here are some important things to consider when talking to your technician about what he/she is about to put “under the hood.”


There are Two Main Choices in Springs:

Galvanized: Will work OK for the most part and are rated for 10,000 cycles (door open & close = 1 cycle). These are fine for most application if you are not planning on staying in this home for very long.

Tempered oiled Spring: on most applications. Much more durable and rated for 30,000 cycles. These are built to last and chances are, you will not have to deal with spring issues ever again.



Rollers are the little wheels that travel along the guides on either side of your door.  They are responsible for guiding the door up and down the tracks.  We recommend replacing the rollers with 13 ball bearing nylon rollers.  These are very smooth rolling and will reduce stress and sound in the operation of the door.  Think about it, the less resistance and stress you put on the working parts of your garage, the longer it will last.  Not to mention the sound reduction!


We get this question a lot! We recommend belt. Why? It’s simple: WARRANTY! The warranty on a belt opener is typically 15 years compared to 5 on a screw or chain. Another plus about belts is that they also reduce the overall sound produced by your garage door.

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