Cloypay Doors

Clopay is one of the leading residential garage manufacturers in North America. Clopay doors are known for their energy efficiency and style, and come in a variety off unique styles including wood, steel carriage house, aluminum and glass, faux wood, raised and flushed panel, and steel. Clopay garage doors are backed by good house keeping, and use ENERGY STAR qualified fiberglass in their more modern garage doors.

Canyon Ridge

The Canyon Ridge faux wood carriage house garage doors provide an authentic, natural wood look, and provide the same energy efficiency Clopay has built its reputation upon. The canyon ridge garage door is a perfect fit for any home that embodies the ranch style, country look.



Clopay offers a variety of authentic carriage house style garage doors built from durable, and insulated steel and composite overlays. Coachman garage doors come in a variety of design patterns, colors, and windows with a classic modern look. These doors are built to last a lifetime, and provide a timeless design that will be appealing for years to come.


Grand Harbor

The Grand Harbor garage door collection is the perfect model of a modern garage. These doors are made from steel, and composite wood, and maintain a high level of energy efficiency with the ENERGY STAR rated fiberglass.



Clopay’s Steel carriage house garage doors are a shining example of the traditional american garage. These garage doors come in a variety of colors and styles, and feature Clopay’s Ultra-Grain Finish. It’s time to make your dreams a reality, lets start doing some home improvement. Check out Clopays Gallery garage doors and experience the benefits of a quality door.



Clopay offers the Classic garage door in both raised panel and flush steel  that complement most home styles. These classic american doors come in a variety of styles, and colors, and use Clopay’s Ultra-Grain® Finish.



The Cypress model garage door is a custom finished natural looking garage doors, that provide a very homely look. These garage doors will pay for themselves in energy efficiency. and excellent durability to prevent possible garage door repairs. See why the timeless look of the cypress garage door has been one of the cornerstones of Clopay’s collection.



The Avante style garage door is one of Clopays most modern looking doors that will add appeal to any home well into the future. This garage door is made with contemporary aluminum, with ENERGY STAR rated fiberglass, and include Clopay’s trademark Ultra-Grain Finish.



The Semi-Custon Reserve Clopay door is forged with several unique types of handcrafted wood, in the carriage house style.  This garage door is built to be resilient, economical, and charming. See what it’s like to own one of Clopay’s best garage doors, and add value to your home.


Classic Wood

The Original handcrafted  Classic Wood door has been the inspiration to american door design. This classical garage door comes in a variety panel designs including raised, recessed, and flush. Add the beauty of natural wood to your garage, and re-invite your home, with a reserve garage door by Clopay.

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