Lifetime Garage Doors uses a series of parts for all garage door repair, and installation. We’ve listed some of the parts we use to help you make an informed decision with us on your next garage door repair.

Garage door springs are rated with an industry standard of 10,000.  Every time you open and close your garage door that counts as 1 cycle. Garage door torsion spring last an average of 7-10 years depending on how often you use your garage door.  If the average person uses their garage door 3 cycles per day for 1 year that’s 1,095 cycles.  Divide 10,000 cycles by 1,095 cycles leaves a life expectancy of 9 years.

(WARNING! Do not attempt to install springs yourself, severe spring injuries are common.)

30,000 Cycle Spring

The 30,000 cycle spring is very similar to the 10,000 cycle spring except that the 30,000 cycle spring will last twice as long, and is able to lift heavier doors. Another benifit of choosing a 30,000 cycle spring is that the cost of operation is %70 less then a 10,000 cycle spring garage door. If your considering a spring installation for your next garage door repair, you may want to consider the 30,000 cycle model. Contact a Lifetime Garage Door professional, or stop by and see us at our location in Glendale Arizona.

(WARNING! Do not attempt to install springs yourself, severe spring injuries are common.)

8ft Lift Drum
Everything is hinging on the lift drums. Standard lift drums have a flat portion for the cable, with one or two grooves that are a little higher.  As the garage door opens, the rollers slide along the track. This allows the garage door to transition from the vertical track, to the horizontal track.

12ft Lift Drum

Larger garage doors require a bigger lift drum. The 12ft lift drum has a wider circumference which allows for more leverage when lift larger garage doors for greater distances. Having the right equipment for your garage door is imperative, not only can using the wrong part be dangerous, you will almost certainly destroy your new garage door. Leave your garage door repair in the hands of professionals, and Contact a Lifetime Garage Door professional.

Universal Garage Door Remote
Things happen, we loose the garage door remote, it gets tossed around, or broken, or maybe we just left it in the garage. Thankfully there are universal remotes that are programmable to your garage door. These little heroes are affordable, and can be used on nearly all garage doors.

Torsion Cables

Torsion cables are a very important piece of the garage door puzzle. These cables must be built strong, and dependable to lift up these massive garage doors. Torsion cable injuries are also common place for garage door technicians. It is wise for you to never attempt to replace a broken, or rusty torsion cable.

Genie Trolley

At Lifetime Garage Doors, we use garage door trolleys by Genie. A trolley pulled along the track by a chain. belt, or screw that turns when the motor is operated. A quick-release mechanism is attached to the trolley to allow the garage door to be disconnected from the opener for manual operation during a power failure or in case of emergency.

Lift Master Gear and Sprocket Kit
The Sprocket sits at the top of the chain, or belt and is a primary piece of the garage door opening system. The Sprocket is what allows the garage door to come back to resting position.  It’s commonplace for a sprocket it become rusted out, or break and then your garage door will no longer close.

End Bearings

Don’t let their size fool you, and end bearing is the part of a garage door that holds the weight of the door. These pieces sit on both ends of the door, and help keep the garage door in place.

Center Bearings

The center bearings are the piece that carries the weight of the torsion springs. It’s highly important to have your center bearings properly installed, and secure so that your garage door performs accurately, and without hazard.

Nylon Ball Bearing Rollers

The Nylon Ball Bearing Rollers are what keep the garage door in place at all times. using a nylon roller improves the silence of garage door operation. These rollers sit on both sides of the garage door and roll from back to front during garage door opening.

Torsion Tube

The Torsion Tube is what holds the spring and drums up. This devices is responsible for carrying all the pressure created between the torsion spring and drum.

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