Steel Doors

Choosing the right steel door

With all the choices in Material, color, insulation, and windows, choosing your next garage door can be tough. That’s why we try to make this choice simple for you. 3-Star doors are usually for garages that don’t require insulation, and noise from opening is not a problem. Our 4 Star doors will have the insulation, and come in elegant styles. The 5 Star doors will have a much higher quality insulation, and will be quieter, these garage doors will be the best option for any attached garage.


Standard 3 Star doors are dependable and offer a rust-proof aluminum retainer with a vinyl floor seal to help keep out the elements. These doors are available in raised panel or deep ribbed designs, and are an excellent value.


4 star doors offer are available with insulation nestled against a layer of steel, these doors are quieter and more energy efficient than non-insulated doors. These doors will offer better durability, and insulation than the 3-Star doors, and are the perfect choice for a garage that requires insulation, and durability.


Our high quality raised panel doors offer maximum performance and superior insulation. These doors are made from two steel skins wrapped around your choice of polyurethane insulation. Because of the efficient design, and quality material, these doors are much more silent than the others, 5-Star doors are the perfect choice for any home with an attached garage. Available in beautiful elegant short, elegant long, and flush panel designs, these doors are beautiful, durable, and exceptional value.

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