The Gallery Garage door is a shining example of a classic american garage door. This door is available in insulation of 2 or 3-layer sandwich steel construction or non-insulated 2″ steel frame construction, with the option for intellicore insulation. Clopay’s Gallery door comes in 2 design options, short or long grooved panel, and offer the swing out door look with standard overhead garage functionality.

Customize your new garage door with a medium, dark, or walnut Ultra-Grain finish. All Ultra-Grain finished garage doors come with a lifetime warranty on the paint system. You can choose your level of insulation as well, and may want to consider a higher level of insulation for attached garages to save on energy bills.
These quality garage doors are an excellent economical choice for those who just need a garage door repair, or prefer a traditional looking garage door. Let Lifetime garage door repair install, or replace your existing garage door with a door from Clopay’s Gallery collection.


Insulated with galvanized steel skin with a baked-on primer and top coat helps to provide timeless beauty. Option for ENERGY STAR rated fiberglass windows and Intellicore insulation technology to help cut down the cost on energy bills for years to come.

Choose your level of insulation starting from no insulation, 2″ polyethylene insulation, steel sandwich polyethylene insulation, or sandwiched intellicore insulation.

*Match the Perfect color of garage door to your home with Clopays multiple options for color.

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