Garage Door Repair Arizona

A garage door provides convenience and security to any home. It protects your car and is an additional barrier between your front door and the outside. However, when your garage door encounters a problem, it can be more troublesome than beneficial.

You need trusted professionals to handle the job. At Overhead Garage Doors, we do all types of repairs and replacements. We want to ensure that you get the service you need to get back to having your garage door in working condition. Book your appointment today.

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When Do I Need a Garage Door Repair?

Garage doors can work fine for years, and then a problem suddenly springs up. When you encounter any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Unusual noise when opening or closing the garage door
  • Trouble moving the door
  • Lack of balance during movement
  • Slow movement
  • The garage door is off track
  • Broken spring
  • No response during opening or closing

Our technicians will ascertain the source of the problem and fix it right away, handling all repairs. They’ll come with all the tools and knowledge needed. It’s best to contact us as soon as you notice an issue. Otherwise, issues can add up over time and increase the amount you have to spend on it.

If you don’t know if your garage door needs fixing, you can also schedule an inspection and maintenance with us. It allows us to carefully examine your door and see problems before they become troublesome. It will prolong the life of your garage door, so you can enjoy it for many more years to come.

Whatever repairs you need, our professionals are here to help. Contact us today.

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Our Services

Many problems can arise with your garage door. Each part of it needs to be in excellent working order. We’ve invested much time and training to ensure that we know everything there is to know about garage door repairs. Here are some of the things we can do as a part of our repair services:

  • Garage door panel replacement: The panels are often one of the first parts to experience damage because they’re on the outside of your garage door. They are subject to wear and damage if this isn’t addressed. A problem with your panel’s exterior will indicate a need to replace it.
  • Broken cables: A cable can snap due to problems with other parts of the garage door. When this happens, the entire mechanism will fail because it is the cable that supports the movement. It can also be dangerous as a snapping cable can hit the vehicle, walls, or people inside. We can repair or replace it when required.
  • Garage door opener repair: A garage door opener can stop work all of a sudden. It may be an issue with electrical wiring, or the radio or Wi-Fi connection depending on the specific garage door. More often than not, the opener stops working when there is a problem with the garage door springs.
  • Track repair: A problem with the track can lead to an imbalance with the door or a sagging part. It can cause even more issues as an imbalance can cause strain on different parts of the garage door. When you see a problem with the track, contact us immediately. The garage door is heavy, and you shouldn’t try fixing it on your own.
  • Spring Repair: Springs are often the first to break or wear down in the mechanism. It is because they are the ones that carry the most weight. It is a relatively small component but essential to the door’s operation. You cannot repair it without the right tools, and our help is necessary.
  • Roller Repair: A garage door roller problem can also lead to imbalance and the door going off track. It can be the reason why the door gets stuck or has a problem sliding up or down. Rollers can have gaps, breaks, or bumps that impede them from functioning. Whatever the issue, we can fix it.

At Overhead Garage Doors, we strive to provide high-quality service. We can repair any problem with your garage door. Contact us today and schedule service.

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Why Choose Us

Overhead Garage Doors offers the expertise you won’t find anywhere else. We carefully select the people that work for us, providing you only the best in service. It’s the reason why we’ve been in business for over 15 years.

We have skilled, licensed, and trained technicians. Our team continuously improves their skills and adheres to the standards set by the state. They have to work to maintain their jobs.

We have all the tools needed for a repair. Often, it will be impossible to handle a garage door repair without specialized tools. These tools work specifically for garage doors to make any fix quick and safe in the hands of professionals.

Hire Overhead Garage Doors Today

Our company’s goal is to be efficient and comprehensive. We want to provide complete repair services so you won’t have to worry about getting a fix and enjoy your garage door for years to come. We handle everything from commercial to residential garage doors. Our team can fix any problem and can educate you along the way on what you need to maintain its integrity.

We are available 24/7 and can handle same-day service. We pride ourselves on being able to provide for all your needs. Our staff is ready to answer any concerns you have and make sure that the job goes right. Contact us today and begin your path to a fixed garage door.

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